While the following are standard fees for some types of services, the standard fee may not apply in your case because sometimes additional services are required.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (Virginia)

Attorney fee $900.00

Court Costs $356.00

Total $1,256.00*

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (West Virginia)

Attorney fee $900.00

Court Costs $335.00

Total $1,235.00*

Uncontested Divorce Virginia

Attorney fee $495.00

Court Costs and service fees $110.00

Total $605.00*

Divorce in 3 Weeks (uncontested only)

Requires your spouse to sign and return an Answer, Waiver and Acceptance. Additional cost includes preparation of those documents and expediting of your divorce.

Attorney fee $495.00
Court Costs and service fees $110.00

Total $605.00*

Court costs are based on service of your spouse in Virginia. If your spouse does NOT LIVE in Virginia, than the court costs may be a little different depending on where your spouse lives and how much the sheriff charges for service in that state.

If you do not know where your spouse lives, you may have to PUBLISH for service. Publication costs run about $282.00 extra.

If your spouse is in jail, you may have to hire a Guardian ad litem (an attorney) to represent your spouse. This costs about $500.

If your spouse is on active duty in the U.S. military, there may be other issues involved with serving your spouse. This issue should be discussed with Ms. Solomon.

If you are the wife filing for divorce and you want your name changed back to your maiden name or former married name in the course of a divorce, we charge $71.00 to record the name change.

If you and your spouse are in disagreement about custody, child support, property division or any other major issue, your divorce is probably not going to be “uncontested” and different fees apply.

Property Settlement and/or Custody Agreement (Virginia ONLY)

Attorney fee $350.00 Laura, $375.000 Marilyn, $350.00 Andy

The $350.00 flat fee is based on preparation of the initial agreement. Ms. Solomon has to negotiate with your spouse’s attorney, the time involved with the negotiations and any changes to the agreement are billed at Ms. Solomon’s hourly rate of $350.00.

Name Change (For a name change that is not done in conjunction with a divorce.)

Attorney fee $150.00

Court Costs $66.00

Total $216.00*

Simple Will or Trust

Attorney fee $350.00 for document

Consultation for a Divorce, Separation, Custody or Other Domestic Matter

Attorney fee $375.00 for Marilyn, and $350.00 for Andy and Laura

Contested Divorce or Custody Matter

Attorney Services are billed at $375.00 0r $350.00 per hour plus costs.

Some fees may not be listed here, for any questions or concerns about particular fees please contact us directly. We are always happy to answer any and all questions you may have.